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All payments are processed by Amazon, in their website.

Customer Service

Any questions related to products displayed and ordered through this website, should be directed to Amazon customer service.

We do not control any part of the offer, pricing, payments, handling, or shipping, of the products listed.

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While you browse our product links, you find something that you are interested in finding more information about. You click the product link and access the listing on Amazon. Order the product, or browse to a different item and complete the purchase. We are then qualified to receive a commission for referring you to purchase from Amazon. There is no additional cost for you to get what you are buying. And you help us keep this business going!

Pre-covid, 7 Hills Cutlery provided their clientel with custom orders of quality cutlery from wholesale sources. The lack of in-person sales contributed to a post-covid redirection into affiliate marketing via Amazon.

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